Words of Encouragement

Lick of Flame

Light a Fire In Your Heart And let that Flame Burn Your Desires to Movement

Everyone needs a little boost sometimes. Some days, it might just be a casual smile from a passer by that reminds you to be happy, other times you need a hug and kind words from a friend.  There will be times also when you require some tough love in the form of a few home truths and a kick up the but to get back on track and continue moving forward. This page can do none of those things.

What I hope it CAN do though is provide some inspirational tid bits that are small enough to stick in your head or heart . In this way,  you  may remember them or their sentiment and allow them to permeate your being enough to implant a little seed of hope or drive into your day !

So smile…….someone out there loves you 🙂

” Those that risk it all – that wear their hearts on their sleeves, that walk headfirst into battle, that say I love you first, throw the first punch, or put their money on the line for a dream – they have most to lose – but reap the greatest rewards. Nothing feels more empty than an easy victory. Nothing feels quite like the sweet taste of water on a parched tongue- ice on a bruise, massage for sore muscles, the excitement of being caught when falling, the standing at the top of the mountain and looking down after scraping and crawling you way to the top, the kiss on your tear , the reward you wanted but never thought you’d get , or hearing the ‘I love you’ back after the pause-  

So – go for it. Everything to lose- but sooo much more to win !”

” Aim not for perfection of result. There exists no such thing. Strive for perfection of effort. Aim to always try harder than yesterday, devote yourself to the task at hand, and with clear motive push ever forward towards your goal. With this mindset, you will achieve success. You will have victory. You will win “

“If we only took our own advice, Oh the lessons we would teach.  Ourselves and likely others, When we practice what we preach”


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