Thinking of You


A million years have passed, or so it seems
That I have felt your warmth against me
My thoughts enacted only now in dreams

Small handfuls of your hair, pulled tight
Breath drawn quickly through lisping teeth and tongue
Neck is arched, exposed just for a little bite

Nails dragged softly down your back, you writhe
As bodies slowly start to move as one
Hearts are racing, skin is flushed, feels so alive

Tender moments, our eyes meet, This perfect look upon your face
Bodies paused to hold the deep
Lips, Arms and legs squeezed tight no room for light or space

Warm moments lose themselves to fire
An almost primal drive and lust
Pulses now rise to match the tempo of desire

Crescendo builds, the rush is coming to a peak
Like an ocean wave it builds before the crash
Break upon each others shore, fall into arms and held to sleep

Though your aren’t here, your scent it lingers
My mouth remembers how you taste
And I still feel your hands entwined around my fingers.

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