The Wrong Idea

wrong idea

Kiss me not with passion
Keep it distant , keep it cold
And don’t whisper little nice things in my ear

Don’t caress my face
Never look deep into my eyes
Or my friend I might just get the wrong idea

Pls ignore my text and calls
Or least answer days delayed
Don’t want me thinking that you’re glad to hear from me

No kiss no hug hello pls
Smack my ass to say goodbye
No sign of feelings or emotion should I see

And when our bodies meet in passion
Pls be rough, throw me around
And make me do the things that nice girls never do

Treat me just the way you want to
And don’t ask if I’m okay
After all this really is all about you

Don’t embrace me softly after
leave before the sweat is dry
And try to say something demeaning also sleazy

About the things we did together
Forget that it was also you
And pass the judgement that I’m just too cheap n easy

Allow me time to think
before you contact me again
About how used I was and let me wonder why

Then drop a line like ” hey how are you?”
“Wanna Catch up?- yeah I miss you”
And make it look as though you care enough to try

Don’t forget to cancel plans
At the last minute for effect
Dangle the carrot , just to keep me hanging on

And please try to make me feel
Like I’m a psycho and a stalker
For contacting you again after so long

Remember to accept my gifts and time
And feign your gratitude
But never give a single thing back for I fear

That just a simple act of kindness
or a word that’s misconstrued
Might mean I think you give a fuck- The wrong idea !

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