The Dragon Within

Dragon Eyes

Inside me is a dragon
It is fierce and strong and true
Don’t wake it from it’s slumber lest you perish

And my words shall burn like fire
Lighting up the truth in you
Then destroying all you love and that you cherish

There is nothing you can do
To stop the beast once it’s unleashed
You can’t take back the spoken word or deeds now done

You shall regret your shallow actions
When your heart I rip from you
I shall devour it, you don’t need another one

Once I have crushed you
I shall roar and all below will tremble
When they see the rage inside my blood red eyes

Then watch me as I fly away
Swirling above and all around you
There are greater things for me beyond your skies

And now I’m gone but you must stay
Still you are nothing but an ember
And you remember how you thought me meek and mild

And how you thought you had me wrapped
Around your little fucking finger
But if you want to play with adults don’t be a child

Inside me is a dragon
It is fierce and strong and true
Show respect and be a warrior-and Toruk Makto is you

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