The Dojo

Kiley Meditation

And here I stand
Delivered to you, I’m ready to be stripped bare
Pls break me down and tear me up
And leave no questions there

Drive me to the ground
No easy task, I’ve been before
I’ve given you my all but still you push
Demanding more

Sweat is pouring
From my body, out of every single pore
And it feels like life is draining from my soul
Onto the floor

And at some point
In the night, I wonder what I come here for
Then you hit me and you kick me, make me tremble
to my core

And I hate you
And I love you, for the things you do to me
And the way you make me feel like I was blind
But now I see

My world outside
In turmoil, and at times Insane crazy
But everything makes sense with you
My dojo- my Dogi

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