Submission ……….One of my early pieces

Close your eyes and touch me please
I beg you.
It’s dark so don’t worry,
Tonight I can be whomever you want me to be.
Lay back baby and dream.
Am I bad ? Can I scream ?

Do you want me rough and dirty?
Or would you prefer I just submit ?
Tell me how you want it done
And how you feel that you want it.

Do I suck, do I swallow, do I bite?
What do I have to do,
To make you want me on this night ?
I can see it in your eyes, and feel it deep within my throbbing core.
You want more, you selfish fucking whore.

Never mind you hate me
Forget the fact that you don’t care
And tonight I’ll get my share.
You need me now that’s all that counts
I’m here to satisfy your every need
but think nothing of my own.

Use me. Abuse me. Fornicate me.
Treat me like the object I need to be to get through this night
and for a moment I won’t be lonely.
Pull my hair, slap my face
but disregard the tears.
Do whatever you need to realise your deepest darkest fears
Then leave.

Go before the lust coloured glasses are gone
And you realise the mistake you just made.
Before you start to hate me
For everything you asked me to be.
Tear me down, push me aside.
I’m nothing but a free and easy ride.

Don’t try to hide your lack of respect for me.
If you had held any at all, you wouldn’t have touched me like you did.
Not that it matters, I’ll never see you again.
I asked you to leave and I knew you’d never stay.

Spare me the speech,
The kiss goodbye and the promises,
It’s always been this way.

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