I wish that height was infinite
No roof, no top, you lift me up
So high I’m scared of ever coming down

But I’d climb any mountain top
And risk the long and painful drop
To feel this new sensation I have found

In you I see the world anew
There’s nothing that I wouldn’t do
To catch a glimpse of life through vivid eyes

That see like yours, simply and true
Devoid of fear to bend and skew
Reality and turn it into lies

You light me up with just your touch
When we connect almost too much
Devouring every part of my own flesh

And I’d do anything it’s such
A rush to pleasure you it must
Mean something that our bodies seem to mesh

But I’m no fool I’m smarter now
Experience has taught me how
To test the water before jumping in too deep

At night my mind will not allow
My thoughts to rest or just slow down
I wonder Is it only me that just can’t sleep

Or maybe do you think the same
Way that I think of you it’s lame
I know but damn its just the truth and so it is

That even though it’s just a game
For you, perhaps another name
For you to add to your collection – so be it

I’ll savour every bit of time
I get to spend with you it’s fine
I think I know how this will work out anyway

So if you need a heart take mine
At least for now until you find
Someone that makes you feel the same in everyway.

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