Out of Shadow

The passing dark is full of shadows
And occasional windows of light
My heavy breath visible in the cold air
The balls of my feet land quickly on the ground
Pushing me further in the night

I turn to look behind me
But at this speed my vision fails
A gripping feeling in my chest it tightens
forcing a struggle for each breath
My eyes water, wide black pupils cover with teary veils

Heartbeat racing… sweat is dripping
The distance drawing ever near
I will my legs to forge on faster
Take me away from all those voices
Flee me to safety- lest I meet the one I fear

Yet as I run …feel like I’m fading
Where is the strength I had before?
I want that fire back, that burning energy
Not the panic in my veins here now
It’s in me somewhere, buried deep within my core

The path before me starts to blur
As scenery distorts before my eyes
In my confusion legs falter beneath me
I hit the pavement like a drunkard
Blood down my face, and then disorderly I rise

And like a slowly dawning new day
When nightfall parts to rays of sun
It’s in this moment forced to pause
My spinning head slows down to clarity
I see my past behind, It’s from myself I run

An understanding sweeps my conscience
As though I know what life’s about
Despite my flaws, my fails, imagined fears
If I’m to ever stand in sunlight
First I must step out of the shadow of self doubt

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