Missing Champion


Image provided by popculturezoo.com

In the morning when you rise
Doubt I’m the first thing on your mind
But you pervade my sleep
My waking hours, you are on mine

You drive me to distraction
Turn me inside out it’s true
And I hate it, I feel weak
Don’t feel myself when I’m with you

Or maybe this IS me
This girl that’s soft and bares her soul
But I’ve given out my heart, I want it back
Who’ll fill this hole ?

This giant fucking gaping void
Existing in my chest
Where is my brave True champion
Who thinks I’m worthy of conquest?

But he’s just a myth a legend
Though I wish that he was you
I wonder do you feel at all
You’re like a chiselled stone statue

May I hope that I am wrong
Love that you’re strong, but I can’t tell
If you’re hardened through to bone
Or is this just your outer shell

I’ve heard tale that icy hearts can melt
When warmed by passions flame
But for that to work it’s not just one
But two must feel the same

As I know not what’s on your mind
Can only judge from what I see
And though your touch is hot, your gaze is not
Like I’m not there, You don’t see me

So brave I turn, and sword unsheathed
Right now defend myself
Till a champion that looks inside
Rescues me from off this shelf.

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