Don’t even want to wear this name
Laden with all your guilt and shame
No longer the good and golden Child
You hate the fact that i grew wild

You took it to this awful place
And spat your venom in my face
What did you think that I would do?
Not fucking weak and scared like you

Screaming hateful words into my face
Whilst your own life is a disgrace
You have no love inside to give
What an empty life that you must live

Don’t blame the past for you behaviour
Eternal victim, no power, no saviour
You made them turn their backs on me
Their ears didn’t hear and eyes won’t see

Stay over their and hide your lies
You tell yourself, the truth despise
I never hurt you, though I could
You tried to push me so i would

For then you’d have someone to blame
Instead of dealing with your shame
Don’t know why you hate me so much it’s true
I’ll live my life trying to not be you.

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