Liar Liar

How dare you try to push me
Down so low
I will not go
I will not let you take my life away from me

You cannot hope to win this battle
Don’t think so
This time I know
That I am stronger than before and now you’ll see

Despite the knife that’s in my hand
My cut skin
The pain I’m in
The pain is nothing that I haven’t felt before

And last time you didn’t kill me
Did not win
I was the King
And like a soldier slay the enemy at my door

And now you think you have me beat
You are wrong
For I am strong
What can you take when there is nothing left to give

Except my will but I’m not sharing
Ill fight long
My word is bond
Nothing’s as powerful as ones own will to live

So step aside let me move forward
Now you bow
This shit stops now
Don’t even think you have a chance to end this fight

See I’ve been training and I’m ready
For this bout
You’ll wonder how
You’ll ever walk away and live after tonight

To vanquish you is not my plan
Just go away
You cannot stay
The gods already have a plan for your own death

Oh – but shit, I plum just realised
On this day
I fade away
And everything was just a lie, here’s my last breath…..

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