Let It Fall

Mother Earth beneath me
Face upturned towards the sky
To let the raindrops fall like tears upon my face
The droplets cold, and serve to wake me from despair

I am comforted to know
The slight discomfort of the cold
A new distraction from the gripping pain and angst
I send a wish into the night, please take me there

Behind the veil of tight shut eyelids
Where I allow myself to dream
I am special, strong, unbreakable and true
No shadow can be cast from my own loving light

Yet in the dawn of open eyes
I am returned to my nightmare
Forced to view my reflection in the mirror of my soul
The ugly truth revealed to all in open sight

So let the rain fall on me now
And gently wash away the past
Leaving naked skin to cover newborn flesh
May the water cleanse my heart of hurt and negativity

At the rise of new tomorrow
As the sun parts dark with light
May the solar rays burn stuff that’s washed away
The only blackness, charred remains of the old me.

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