Hair Dye for the emotions

Another night turns into dawn
My eyes are closed, and yet no sleep

A Tear inside my soul
A heavy heart, thought I can’t weep

Mind is spinning, churning, digging, yearning
All around, now I feel ill

Thoughts erratic and sporadic
What the fuck, pls just be still

I want to put my hands
Inside my chest, rip out my heart

But I can’t as it’s in pieces
And it’s all been torn apart

Cut my skin and let the anger drain
Surround me like a moat

I want to shout and yet it’s like
There’s someone’s hands around my throat

Now I can’t breathe I’m suffocating
And I reach out and I gasp

I paw the air there’s nothing there
Nothing or no one I can grasp

Feels like I’m failing and I’m falling
Ever deeper down so low

No coming back from this point on
Not from where I’m about to go

The darkness pulls my hair
It slaps my face and now I scream

That’s when I wake up and I realise
Life’s a nightmare, not a dream

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