I was She

Who was that wicked girl last night
And Whereance did she go
There are traces of her here still now
Upon my sheets and smudged across my pillow

Flashes of her dancing, laughing loudly
Half remembered dreams run through my head
She tricked me, teased me, lured him here
Into my home, into my bed

Only walls can tell what happened then
Or explain the mess been made
I have questions but no answers
She is gone – and yet, he stayed

And then slowly as we start to rouse
From our un-resting drunken slumber
Realisation that she is me creeps in
Bursting the foggy spell that I was under

Here it lies, the stripped off evidence
I see strewn across the floor
My heart sinks, another piece of me departs
Along with him…out of my door.

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