I miss you

And I miss you like the desert misses rains that never come
And like a soldier yearns for those that wait back home

And I miss you just the same way that a cavern longs for sun
And like a baby never wants to be alone

And I wish you thought about me in your own time but you don’t
And I wish you wondered if I felt the same

And I wish you could just see me as I am but know you won’t
As all you see is reasons why it’s just a game

And I know you lie to me and try to make me feel at ease
Think I’ll forget that you are still a single man

And I know you give yourself away to others as you please
And know that I’m not good enough for your life plan

And so I hate you like a reprimanded child hates mum and dad
And like the elderly despise their wasted youth

And yes I hate you for the time with you I never get to have
But I’ll keep lying to myself and that’s the truth.

I still miss you.

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