Heart Beats loudly in my ears
almost bursting through my chest
The time is now, it’s time to see
who wins and who is best

It’s down to just the two of us
We’re standing toe to toe
have I trained enough for this? I ask myself
well soon we’ll know

The doubt it starts to creep inside my mind
it almost hurts
My body turns to jelly- shit now it’s numb
Don’t know what’s worse

I try to psyche myself up
but it’s like there is no use
Still….there’s no backing out of this
No treaty and no truce

I turn my mind inside
remember why it is I’m here
And then from somewhere deep inside
There’s this roaring in my ears

Sounds like a lion in the jungle
or a pack of Samurai
As they emerge through forest thick- Attack
and scream out their battle cry

Perhaps the crowd is what I hear
But no- it’s something else
That noise is what it sounds like
when you murder fear yourself

Now adrenaline is pumping
and the room shrinks half it’s size
I’m at one end of a tunnel
At the other end’s my prize

But my prize is not a trophy
No- it’s not a piece of tin
All I want is justice, pride, respect
All I really want’s to win.

Ding Ding
It’s on this fighting thing-
Your best defence you better bring !

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