Disconnected ……… From it all and from everyone.
Is it me ?
Certain that its my way – to be alone.
To wander. I don’t belong really anywhere. Nowhere seems to fit me perfectly.
Like a glove. A single white glove like Michael. It’s a cycle.
Round it goes. Here i am again. Sick of it. I just want it to end really.
Maybe tonight? Will I fight ?
Seriously I’m done. Let me come undone …… It’s all I want to do.
Unstick the tiny pieces – The opposite of glue.
You can find me at the bottom. Deep below the surface.
There’s no purpose in you talking I can’t hear. And I don’t care what you’re saying -I’m not listening  anyway ……….  
No point in yelling, or whispering your stories in my ear.
And no fuck is all I give to you, My gift – to you for fee.
No matter you don’t notice This small heart – my mind – nor me.

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