Does She Know ?

Does She Know

I watch you as you touch her
I’m not jealous
I am scared
As I remember how that felt inside my skin

In those last moments, In the ending
Your Insistence
Spite my tears
How you punched holes into my walls then paper thin

And does she know that side of you
The blackest rage
Forceless oppression
How you stripped me bare of nothing but a shell

Of how you have a face for others
Just for show
Convince yourself
Your spirituality could come from raising hell

And how dare you be so happy
It’s not right
I’m so alone
Why should you even be allowed to wear a smile

As you profess your love for her to me
Your perfect life
In synchrony
Watch me sacrifice and struggle all the while

I hate your face, your voice, your games
The twisted truths
Deceptive tales
Despise the fact that I feel like I lost

How your lessons learned have earned you this
A second chance
With someone else
Does she know her happiness came at my cost ?

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