At Arms Length

Shadow arms length

I’m strong and yet not quite enough
To fight convictions strength
Your decision not to let me close
To keep me at arms length

Though you held me close to skin at times
Your heart was locked away
I guess there’s little parts of you
That still yearn for yesterday

I’m guilty too of building walls
That even you can’t scale
Wondering why you didn’t notice
See all that’s me behind this veil

I thought that I was honest
Never once i lied to you
Suffocated myself pretending though
And denying what was true

That even if I’m perfect
And our souls were intertwined
Your’e just not ready to risk your freedom now
If you don’t seek – you shall not find

My heart seeks not to claim you
No I don’t need to make you mine
Just want to be that thought that lights you up
Jumps in your head at random times

I want to be the one you long for
When you are lonely in your bed
The woman that would ‘get’ the joke
Know’s your words before they’re said

I’d love to be the lucky one
Who greets you when your’e home
The happy voice from far away
When talking on the phone

The girl who cooks your favourite meal
Loves your weakness and your strength
But I’m never close enough to try
Too far away – Held at arms length.

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