Heart Stone

I’m sorry that I wasn’t strong enough
To wait for you
And that I couldn’t put aside my aching heart

And that I wasn’t in control of all my fears
I was afraid
That once again I’d be left lonely in the dark

Know when I look at you I see your soul
It shines like brilliant gold
And my soul feels you are a loyal and honest man

And when you touch me with your hands or words
You warm me to my core
Your cheeky smile delves into places no one can

You made me think for just a second
That I’m worthy of a love
That knows no boundaries and that trust is real and shared

And I suppose that’s why I doubted, why I faltered
Why I ran
Because that simply can’t be true, and I was scared

And now each day I have to live with my decision
With my fear
And know that text is one I always will regret

But I hope that I was someone you will call upon
In dreams
Our brief encounter one that you won’t soon forget

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