My name is Kiley and I don’t claim to be a poet.
At school…..my writing never amounted to much nor drew acclaim or high marks. When I submitted a selection of poems for my VCE assignment many years ago it was met with negative reviews so at this point I kind of all but gave up writing. I’m not embarrassed to say seriously that it was listening to Eminem Lyrics that re-ignited my passion for rhyming words and poetry. I’m no rapper either….but for me writing down the thoughts in my head always helped to clear my mind. I enjoy the process and at times the challenge.

My reason for publishing these pieces which are sometimes personal is to give life to them and their meaning. In doing so, it feels like a release of sorts and I hope that maybe some of them will resonate with you or others and perhaps even give thoughts you never knew you had a voice.

Many thanks Marshall Mathers.
I owe you more than you know xx

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